Honey creaming machine

Cream honey 90% faster

Smooth and stable creamed honey

Reduce labour costs

Compact, Plug & Play

Model: CP1

From liquid honey to a creamy, crystal-free spread, the Creampal machine makes the best creamed honey in the world. No matter your desired quantity, we have a machine that’s suited for you. Our machines are specifically designed to increase creamed honey production while increasing profitability and decreasing labor efforts.

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Their features are user-friendly and custom made to meet your needs. CreamPal’s blending capacities also make it possible for you to expand your market by creating different blends that keep their texture and are stable with time, your customers will crave them.


Dimensions: 59 5/16 ” X 38 ” X 63 15/16 ”
Weight: 800lbs
Motor: INVERTER DUTY 15:1 CT 30:1 VT – 1.0SF





Reducer : Varvel 1 :10
Power: 208/240 V – 30 AMP – 50/60 Hz
Funnel: 18”
304 Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
Emergency Stop
Protective Grid Guard
Valve 1-1/2” Tri-clamp
4 auto-leveling casters
4meters of electrical cable


Options on this equipment

Caster ajustable wheels

Valves : regular or heavy duty

4 doors, 2 doors, no doors

Hopper size



Tank rack

Tank Dolley