About us

CreamPal Equipments is a vibrant, new company launching a product that honey producers have long anticipated. We are a sister company to Miellerie St-Stanislas, founded in 1960. It is a family-owned and operated company located in the Monteregie Region, 45-minutes south of Montreal.

Miellerie St-Stanislas specializes in the production of a superior quality honey, encouraging local agriculture with hive rentals on over 70 farms. Stanabbey, another sister company, is a major distributor for beekeeping supplies and queen bee breeding in Quebec. These three companies are currently run by Joël Laberge together with his wife and family and a handful of dynamic employees. They pride themselves in local production, family values, and high-quality products and customer service.

Creampal was born out of the need to improve the quality of creamed honey. Invented in the 1970’s by beekeeper and honey producer Paul Andre Laberge (P.A.L), the CreamPal was created to revolutionize the creamed honey industry. Why launch now? New ventures! We had been sought-out by multiple honey and distributing companies over the years specifically for the secret to our creamed honey and the engineering behind the CreamPal machine. We however, were not ready to let go of the technology behind the Creampal machine until now.



What makes us unique?

Instead of processing the traditionally used crystallized honey, CreamPal transforms liquid honey to produce a smooth and crystal-free spread. Refined and consistent in texture, the quality of the honey made by the CreamPal is unmatched. We believe that CreamPal is the most effective and efficient creaming machine on the market and it has gained the approval of large honey producers across Canada.

Profitability begins as soon as you get back to the honey shop. We make this possible by providing our customers with a sturdy, well-designed and user-friendly machine that is geared to meet the demands of your increased creamed honey production.

With over 40 years of experience, our staff is qualified and knowledgeable and would love to make your experience with the CreamPal as smooth as its honey.

Upgrade to Creampal standards and transform your company today!